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walksL'Agulhas is the most southerly point on the continent of Africa, and is defined by the International Hydrographic Organisation to be the dividing point between the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. The actual Southernmost Tip of Africa is 1 km west of the lighthouse and is marked by a simple cairn.

Early Portuguese seafarers rounding this dangerous point at the end of the 15th century, called it Cabo das Agulhas, which means Cape of Needles. This refers to the jagged rocks off the coastline and the fact that a compass shows no real deviation between true north and magnetic north at this spot.

The second lighthouse in South Africa was built here in 1848. Visitors can climb the steep internal ladders and enjoy a panoramic view from the top. A small museum and coffee shop are inside the lighthouse.

The Agulhas National Park stretches westwards towards Die Dam. It supports a diverse intertidal and marine life and is breeding ground for the African black oystercatcher. The discovery of stone hearths and pottery, together with shell middens, are a valuable historic and cultural legacy left by the Khoikhoi (beach nomads / strandlopers), who lived along this coastline for centuries.

East of the tip are "vywers" (fish traps) which were created by inhabitants of the area thousands of years ago.

The water here is very shallow and L'Agulhas is known to be one of the best fishing grounds in South Africa. L'Agulhas has several hiking trails, and there are also tidal pools and rock pools for swimming.