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arnistonbeachThe tranquil fishing village with two names, Arniston, is on the north-east of Cape Agulhas in Marcus Bay and known as one of the world's best hideaways.  It began as a fishing village known as  Waenhuiskrans (wagon house cliff), named after an enormous cave eroded into the cliffs, large enough to turn a wagon around in.  This cave can only be explored at low tide.

The village became known as "Arniston" after the disastrous wreck of the British troop ship "Arniston" in 1815.

housesSeveral of the beautifully restored, white-washed thatched cottages of Kassiebaai, the oldest part of Arniston, were declared national monuments and the area is popular with artists and photographers.

Arniston is flanked by two nature reserves - the well-known, and ecologically important De Hoop Nature Reserve and the smaller De Mond Nature Reserve.